English practice

I’m Japanese.

But I don’t like what many Japanese like.

I don’t like Japanese food very much.

I ‘m not good at acting in groups.

I don’t like manga, anime and PC games.

I’m Japanese.

But I don’t like the Japanese way of thinking.

I’m just an earth man.

wildsum について

I am a Japanese language teacher. I like to soccer and cooking,walking.
カテゴリー: つぶやき, 英語, 日記 パーマリンク

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  1. YellowCable より:

    I am dreaming to see the world as a single country where every one is a citizen of one nation country – earth country. People can go and choose where they want to live freely. Many do not necessarily like the culture of their born country and dream of going to live in the culture the prefer later in life. I am dreaming.

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