New year’s words



 ドイツ語は大学生の時、習った言葉。韓国語は大人になってから、一年間勉強した言葉だ。 その他、イタリア語、スペイン語、フランス語などは今興味がある言葉だ。


・English:Happy new year!

・Chinese : 新年快乐。

・Vietnamese :Chúc mừng năm mới.

・German:Frohes neues Jahr.

・Italian:Buon anno.

・Spanish:Feliz año nuevo.

・Korean:새해 복 많이 받으세요.

・Romanian:An Nou Fericit.

・Portuguese:Feliz Ano Novo.

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I am a Japanese language teacher. I like to soccer and cooking,walking.
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  1. Paul Militaru より:

    La multi ani! from Romania.

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  3. mosckerr より:

    Pam Lason. Knowing God through His Word … Day by December 18 Habakkuk 1-3

    The problem with your approach Pam, what people can’t read an English translation of the Bible? Honestly it requires the skill of a 9 year old to read an English translation of the Bible. This early 2nd Temple period prophet, what nevuah does he add to the prophets who lived before the Babylonian exile? Honestly amazes me of the gullibility of Goyim. (Goyim a term of respect. Xtians refer to folk not “inside” their theology belief system as pagans and heathens). Not till 1948 did stateless refugee Jewish populations merit the term “Goy”\Nation. The gullibility of Goyim though never ceases to amaze me. How they can buy this religious crap and never ask basic fundamental questions. Like for example: How does the Torah define the term “prophet”? The rhetoric propaganda of the new testament writers relied upon the “fuzzy logic” of ignorant Goyim to assume they knew the definition of the term “prophet”. Sorry, can not rely on Webster’s dictionary to define a term employed by a culture and people that you know virtually nothing about.

    The outright religious arrogance of Xtians (does not matter what denomination – all pathetic), makes me wonder why no Xtian never developed “the balls” to question the BS of theology and dogmatism which church idiots continually vomit. 2000+ years Xtianity has struggled with its heretical movements, hundreds of popular mass movements which the church denounced and then destroyed. In all that time, no Xtian has possessed the courage to ask basic fundamental questions concerning how the Torah defines certain essential base line terms. Brit does not mean covenant. Prophets do not foretell the future. Prayer not the same as Jewish tefillah, not even in the same ball park…not even in the same galaxy!

    The historic oppression, corruption, and wickedness of the church … and no one challenges church dogmatism on how to define the key T’NaCH terms upon which hangs all matters of faith, hope, and love. Never seen a single Xtian person struggle to determine how the Torah defines these terms? This basic error, its so obvious and fundamental. It defines a person that can’t see his glasses because they rest upon his nose. Bunk upon remove the beam from your own eye none sense religious rhetoric noise. How do Xtians generation after generation exalt and worship their eternal ignorance of the basic terms from the T’NaCH upon which they hang faith, hope and love?



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