What you thought was today is yesterday.

  What you thought was now is already past.

  Time spills out like an hourglass.

  If you thought it was tomorrow, it will be today.

  And the near future will soon become the now.

  Time flies too fast.  The “now” quickly flows into the past.  And “now” is too frivolous.

  Vicious crimes, aggression, wars, kidnapping of children, etc. are full of hate.

  “Now” is so impersonal that it makes me sad to think that this will go down in history.

  The question of what kind of history we will leave behind is a big issue for humanity.

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I am a Japanese language teacher. I like to soccer and cooking,walking.
カテゴリー: つぶやき, diary, English, 日記 パーマリンク


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