WordPress possibilities

 Now, in WordPress, when people around the world, not just their own people, try to send a message, there is something important. 

 First, make the message concise, easy to understand, and easy to convey.  For example, to be able to translate immediately on the net. 

 A long, difficult-to-understand message does not convey.  Also, if the message is displayed in the image, it will take some time to translate.  Video Video messages are not transmitted to anyone other than their own people. 

 I’m thinking now.  WordPress can contribute to world peace.  People all over the world wish for peace.  It is important to keep sending the message for that.






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I am a Japanese language teacher. I like to soccer and cooking,walking.
カテゴリー: つぶやき, diary, English, 日記 パーマリンク



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